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-   Providing the best in Photo Scanning Services   -     

Lee Digital Scanning
Who are we...

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

 Note (2019-04-04): We are CLOSED while traveling

  LEE DIGITAL SCANNING·   Saturday April 04, 2019

You can Contact us one of the CONTAC form links on the site. 

Thanks for visiting our site.  In the meantime, please enjoy some of the photos of our journey.

Trip Photos:

Photos by Tom Lee  (travel snapshots - added to weekly)   and    Tom Lee Photography

We provide one stop shopping for top quality individualized digital image scanning of any still images to high quality digital images. Our services include scanning B&W and color negatives, color and B&W photos and slide transperancies. We scan 35mm slides (to include any slides in 2x2 mounts), 120/220 film, 4x5 film as well as stereo slides to high quality digital images.
Our Nikon digital scanning systems and high end Epson scanners provide you with long lasting digital image files of your photographic images. Using Silverfast 8.5 Scanning software we are able to provide high quality scans.

ALL our work in done in-house - nothing is shipped to other locations for processing. All our services are down in our local shop.

Responsive Service

About our serivces...

Korean Chinesel scriptWe scan 35mm negatives, 35mm slides or other slides in 2x2 mounts, stereo slides, disc film, 120/220 film and 4x5 film.  Ask about larger negative scanning if you have a requirement.  We additionally scan color and B&W prints up to 12.5.x17.5 in size.
When you have larger photos, we can scan portions of the photos and stitch (photomerge) the photos into one single digital image using Photoshop Photomerge.
One example is taking a poster size photo to create on simple image rather than 4-6 images of the various portions of the poster size print.

Wedding Photo - 1947

We offer competitive pricing with two levels of service and value.
We provide volume discounts that provide additional savings.  Order form will provide discount.
Not sure about what you want, or the service we provide - then use one of our "Samplers" for slides, negatives or prints.
This will provide you an easy way to preview or test our work before sending your complete order to us.

1947 Stearman
Don't let your photos (slides, negatives or prints) sit in storage and fade or mold over time.   Preserve your photos safely to share with your family and friends.
Make copies of your favorite slides or color negatives digital images for special occasions or gifts.

Cactus FlowerWe use high quality scanning hardware to scan your slides and negatives to digital images and then save to DVD(s).  Slide conversions to digital images allows you to later copy and share your digital images with friends and family.
Scanning slides to digital helps bring life back to old faded photos by bringing out the colors and eliminating most scratches that we find on old slides (see samples).
We scan color negatives with the same Nikon and Epson equipment, providing high quality digital images as you can see in some of the gallery photos.   When you scan slides to digital images, to preserv your old memories, you can easily share your digital images with friends and family.
We use Silverfast Ai Studio scanning software to provide the highest quality scans of your prints, negatives and slides.

Trolley in Lisbon, PortugalWith digital imaging, you can even preserve your 35mm color and B&W negatives and enjoy the advantages of digital scanning as well as have digital images to print or email to friends and family.  When archiving negatives to digital images, you can save the images for an indefinite period of time without worrying about fading, scratches, etc.  In many cases, when scanning your old negatives you will be benefit from the photo enhancements to many photos that are faded and you may have taken for lost images.

Sugar Loaf Mountain, Brazil
Digital scanning can convert your 35mm slides, 120/220 film, 4x5 or othr film formats (including stereo slides) to JPG or TIFF digital formats, allowing you to explore new ways to enjoy and share your photo memories.
After scanning your slides, negative and/or prints, you can make DVD Slide Shows from your converted digital images, making a great gift to give to your family members.  Additionally you can easily make digital photo albums for family and friends.

Before making a DVD Slides Show, you must have the slides, negative and/or photos scanned to create the digital image files for the DVD Slide Show.   Having slides shows made for Facebook, Google+, or Youtube posting is a great way to share with yout family and friends.

Gaicamcuto House, Venezuela
To help provide you the highest quality and service, our specialties are scanning still images such as slides in 2x2 mounts (35mm and 126), 35mm negative, and prints, giving you high digital scanning resolutions.  We offer two resolutions for negatatives and slides - 2000 ppi or 4000 ppi and 300 or 600 ppi got prints with true optical resolution for superior quality digital images for a longer image life.

We use Silverfast Ai Studio software providing providing the highest quality scanning available.
Silverfast provides Digital ICETM Image Correction in addition to it own propriatori iSRD; (Infrared Smart Removal of Defects) which provides better scratch and dust removal with out affecting the actual image.
This Enhancement system reduces the effect of dust and scratches when an image is scanned.

We provide scanning services for stereo slides as well.  We will scan one side (usually the left image, unless it is flawed, then we will use the right image).   Saving your stereo slides to digital images provides you same ability to preserve your old precious photos.

Scanning your slides, negative or prints helps you preserve your old photos so you that can enjoy your new digital images as your print or email to friends and relatives.


Types of Scanning Services (Photo digitizing) we provide:

Waterfall, Heidelberg, Germany Scan Slides to digital images (slide conversions)
 Scan Color Negatives to digital images
 Scan B&W Negatives to digital images
 Scan Photos (prints) to digital images
 Scan Stereo Slides to digital images
 DVD Slides Shows for viewing scanned slides on your TV - created from scanned images
 YouTube type Short Video Clips to share slide movies over social media.
 Perfect Resize 8 by onOne Software services for very large printing of your images (poster size for example)
 Millenniata Permanent Archival disc (1000 year archival) Now Available as DVD or Blu-Ray disc data disc.
 Blu-Ray data disc for hlarge number of scans - one Blu-Ray disc is equivilant to 10-11 DVD disc.
                                        On-Line preview of scanned images - allowing you to comment on scans should you have a concern.  
                                        Click here for sample

Temple in Toyko, Japan - 1977 From your scanned slides, negative, and prints we produce high quality images for you.

 See our Pricing/Order form for the various options. 

 Our prices are very simple.  When you select the service you wish, we have no extra add-on items to complete your order.  You do not pay extra for DVD's or for special attention.

 Think about it.  You pay for the scanning services, you must store it on something - be it a CD or DVD. For this reason the media is included in the price of the scan.

 Additional we provide Millenniata M-Disc Archival Quality storage media for a small additional fee (you still get the DVD included in the original price).

Korean School girl A note about media. When saving your images to a DVD, this is not a DVD that you would play on your TV DVD player, as that unit does not normally read a DVD data disc.
 TV DVD's use a different format, which is why you get a DVD Slide Show made from your data images. An exception to this will be the new Blu-Ray DVD players that are able to typically read data images           from a disc.   We can save images files to external portable USB drives and well as USB Thumb drives by special request.

  Since the images are large, we can also make a folder will smaller versions of the images for your TV when viewing from you DVD player.

Easter in Antigua, Guatemala Unsure about what you are ordering?  Try our sampler packages for slides or prints - only $45.- which includes the media and plus USPS shipping.

You will actually receive the actual image quality (2000 ppi) and not a file reduced in size for email, etc. - just as you would receive the final product.

About our pricing - you will typically find three price ranges - we are mid-tier in the pricing ranges that you will typically find.
What is the difference? Sites that charge considerably less typically are very automated, may ship things offshore, and do not offer the one on one semi-custom service that a shop such as ours provides.

Lee Digital Scanning  Working as a semi-custom shop, we strive to provide the greatest value possible, along with quality service.
  You will notice a considerable quality difference in what we provide, versus the chain or mass market scanning services.

We also provide custom services to meet your specialized needs.

We do not follow today's new norm - We DO NOT ship your pictures to another firm or country.
We do ALL our work in house and we strive on providing you the best service that would not be possible if your photos were shipped offshore or another location to process.

We are proud of our customer service and quality of work.   See customer feedback