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Scanning Photos (slides, negatives, prints)  to Digital Images

Lee Digital Scanning - Arizona

We are a small semi-custom scanning shop specializing in scanning still images (prints, negatives, slides) to high quality digital images. We are able to give your print, negative or slide scanning request individual attention, providing you one of the best services in the market. We keep you informed during the process and follow up with you when you receive your order to ensure that you received it in good order.

We scan slides in 2x2 mounts (35mm, 126, etc.), 120/220 film, 4x5 film and stereo slides. We can also scan other sizes on special request.  We scan both color and B&W prints, with two categories for pricing, 4x6 and smaller or 8x10 and larger.  We can stitch photos together when too large for our scanners.

Today's FAD (to follow the fad from other slide scanning firms) - We DO NOT ship your pictures to another firm or country.  We do all our work in house and strive on providing you the best service that would not be possible if your photos were shipped offshore to process.

Our Pricing
Our prices are very simple. When you select the service you wish, we have no extra add-on items to complete your order. You do not pay extra for DVD's or for special attention. Think about it. you pay for the slide conversion, you must store it one something - be it a CD or DVD. For this reason the media is included in the price of the scan. We don't charge you extra for taking slides out of your slides trays and putting them back in (this may be how you want to store your slides). If they are in metal slide holders, we will remove the slides from the holder and then place them back in the holders and trays.

When you wish to have your slides remounted in plastic slide mounts, or placed in archival sheets, we will charge you for this service, but it is a service you have requested, not something extra to get your slide scans back that you must pay.

When you are not sure what you will receive or about the quality of our service, you may order our "Sampler" which is offered for slides, negatives or print scans. These are flat fee services for a fix number of scan that include the media - USPS shipping is extra. You will receive the actual product (scan), and not an image shipped via email. This will provide you a good preview of the service before sending a large quantity of slides or prints to us.

High Quality Digital Images Help Preserve Your Valuable Images
With our high quality digital image scanning, old slides or color negatives of your old photographic memories will be preserved digitally. You will easily be able to share your new digital images with relatives and friends.  By digitally scanning your slides, negatives or prints, we convert them to either JPEG or TIFF images and then save to DVD.  We now offer Blu-Ray data disc for high scanning volumes so you do not have a box full of DVD's.

When we convert slides, negative and prints to digital images, you will preserve your photos digitally and have digital images that will not fade over time.  With your new digital images of your old slides, negative and prints, you will be able to email, print, use in web pages, as well as share with others.  Digital images can easily be used to create digital photo albums or DVD slide shows.

High Quality Nikon and Epson Scanning Equipment
Our scanners use the Digital ICE-4 Advanced system and iSRD (Silverfast) to help digitally remove scratches and blemishes from your photos.

We use Nikon Coolscan scanners as well as Epson Expression 10000 XL flatbed scanners and Epson V750P scanners for scanning.
This provides you a very high quality scan we use Silverfast Ai Studio scanning software to provide the best scanning quality.

Silverfast Ai Studio provides high-end scanning and image optimization software from LaserSoft Imaging, a pioneer in high-end desktop imaging.

Slides and negatives always have small dust particles and tiny scratches on them, even when handled very carefully.
There are several software-based techniques to remove these defects during the scan process by considering the surrounding image information.
However, it is hardly possible for these tools to differentiate between actual scratches and image details to be preserved.
Thus, often not all defects will get removed, many details will get lost or a very time-consuming manual retouch is necessary. LaserSoft Imaging has developed a solution for this problem:
SilverFast's hardware-based dust and scratch removal tool with infrared technology (iSRD®)

Contrary to conventional techniques the Silverfast dust and scratch removal functionality iSRD® is based on the hardware.
It is using the scanner's infrared channel for defect detection.
Infrared light has a very wide wave-length, which allows it to pass through film emulsion of negatives and slides without resistance, as opposed to scratches and dust particles that reflect it. iSRD® utilizes this behavior as follows. The image is getting scanned two times - the first is the regular RGB scan and the second is the additional infrared scan that captures defects like dust and scratches only. Then the calculative dust and scratch removal takes effect, where the infrared channel has detected any defects. This way no important details get lost.

We offer two levels of service
We offer two levels of service. Both provide individual attention to your order:

    This is the service that most people will need.
    We individually air clean all slides, may individually clean a few slides as needed, re-scan slides to provide the best quality.
    This is still a semi-custom service that we provide as part of our normal service.

PREMIUM Service:
In many cases you may need:

  • Individual hand cleaning of all slides. You may have a lot of slides with finger prints, mildew, etc. that need individual cleaning.
  • Using this service, we will individually clean all the slides needing extra cleaning prior to scanning so as to provide you the best scan possible. All slides scanned images are manually cropped rather than machine cropped and individually color balanced to provide the best results.
  • You may wish a higher level a scanning service. In this case we scan all slides with multiple passes to as to improve the image quality as well as use additional advanced features in the Silverfast scanning software. We also spend more time ensuring the quality of the scanned image is the best, to include individual cropping rather than system cropping, and limited individual spotting of the images to remove spots, etc.

What Service should I use for what?

  • Generally you only need our standard service providing 2000 ppi JPG to DVD. If you are only going to share digital images with friends and family and are really going to not do much more, this is the service for you.
  • If you are more concerned out color range and may want to print larger prints (11x14 or larger), then choose 4000 ppi rather than 2000 ppi.
  • If you are going to edit your images with a photo editing tool such as Photo Shop Elements or Photoshop (or others), then you really want TIFF images rather than JPG images.

    • Why - in simple terms, JPG uses "lossy" compression - what this means basically is that each time you save the image, you will lose resolutions and quality of the images - thus the saved image is not as high quality as the original. Using TIFF, the images does not lose quality as you edit, additionally you can edit in layers, keeping the original image intact and the changes in the layers.


  • When to I need Premium service rather than Standard Service?
    *   If you are an artist, or need extra attention to detail, then selected the Premium Service. Simple things that are different:
    *   Multiple scan passes rather than just two. This help improve the tonal range in color. Important for items being published, art work, etc.
    *   16-bit color images rather than 8-bit color provided in the Standard Service
    *   Spotting - rather than just spotting with an image showing full size on a 30" monitor, the images is enlarged 4x's - 6x's the screen size so as to get a much higher level of detail. Important for really getting to spots that you not normally see, but are in the image.
    *   Extra detail in color balance
    *   Bottom line - we work with you to get the exact result you need for your work