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Our shop is currently closed.


Our shop is currently closed. We are once again on the other side of the planet ~ as a result we have closed down our scanning services until we return back to the US. Thanks for visiting our site. In the meantime, please enjoy some of the photos of our journey.
San Felipe parrot

New Services available in 2015

2015 brought a slight increase in prices - approximately 3 cents per image - our first price increase in over 10 years service.  Additionally shipping rates have been adjusted to take into account shipping carriers price increases.  Most of these increases are due to dimensional pricing for packages rather than weight only.  You will only see these increases when they are incurred.
Due to the increase in very large orders from families as well as local institutions, we are controlling our order flow a bit more to ensure we meet our customer expectation in quality or service and attention.
Our site has been upgraded to a look and feel after the last version being in place for several years.  The new version is "mobile" friendly and will not work as it should on smartphones or tablets.
Antigua Photographer, Guatemala

New Services available in 2014

In 2014 we are celebrating more than 10 years providing quality scanning services to our customers. Working as a small semi-custom scanning shop, we continue to provide personalized quality services that exceeds our customer expectations - all at a reasonable price

This year we have expanded our archival disc service to include the M-Disc (Millenniata Archival Disc) to include the new Blu-ray archival disc, providing more than five times storage of regular DVD Disc.

Additionally we are providing HD quality Video disc in DVD format to increase the quality over the Standard Definition DVD Video Disc. These disc ARE NOT Blu-ray disc, however have similar quality as Blue-ray and can ONLY be played on Blu-ray disc players and not standard DVD players.

Additionally we now offer YouTube® type videos of your scanned photos so that you can share with family and friends or post on your social media site. This is a service in addition to our DVD Videos which allow viewing multiple chapter on one DVD.


New Services available in 2011

We are proud to announce several new services in 2011.  Manu of these services are a result of request from you our customer, so in an effort to provide our continued high quality of service to you, we are proud to begin offering:
•  Millenniata M-Disc provide true are archival disc.  The M-DISC™ is constructed of inorganic, synthetic materials that preserve data forever.  These materials cannot be overwritten, erased, or corrupted by natural processes. It is as if data were etched in “stone.” The are written using special M-Writer Disc drives.
•  Flipping Page catalogues - for the best as well as Windows and Mac executable for distribution.  Your catalogue is provided in PDF format and then imported into a Flipping Page Catalogue for your web site.
•  Flipping Page Photo Albums for you web site.  Share your photo album in a flipping page format with family and friends.

Bonus Contact Proof Sheets Included with each order

Included with each order, you will receive a set of contact proof sheets for your order(max 10 hard copies). Typically these proof sheets will be grouped per group of slides (carousel, box, etc.). The images will have the file names for the corresponding scans, thus giving you an easy way to compare/match your scanned images to the original slides. You will receive PDF files of all the contact proof sheets.

Use the Contact Sheet to find images

See a scanned image and want to get the original? You no longer have to hunt and guess which box of slides the original is in. Just look at the contact sheet, see the box (group) number and image number and then go to the corresponding box. Typically the slides will be in the same sequence -- at least when sent back to you. Now that is a much easier way to find the original image!

Hard Copies and PDF files

The contact proof sheets will be provided to you as hard copies printed on photo paper (max 10 hard copies) and as PDF files on your data disc. This will allow you to print additional copied when you want to.