Lee Digital Privacy Policy    Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy:

Our privacy policy is quite simple, not hard to understand language or complicated in legal interpretations.

Your Information:

1.- We do not share your contact information with anyone.
2.- We do not share your images with anyone.
3.- We do not collect your payment information (
credit card info, etc.).  We use the Intuit Payment Network for all payments after the work is completed.  We do not collect this information, rather you provide it to Intuit Merchant Services providing a secure payment method which protects your information.

Exeption to Copies of Images:

The only time we make an exception to item #2, is when you expressly ask us to (for example) send copies of a DVD to a friend or family member when your order is being completed.


As we mentioned, our privacy policy is very simple.  We are in the business to provide you the best in Scanning services and excellent customer service, period.  We are not in the business of selling marketing information.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or the practices of this site, please contact us.