Lee Digital Scanning    Services

imageWe specialize in scanning still images (prints, negatives and slides) to provide you the best service and quality. This helps ensure that your valuable photos receive the best care and attention. We scan 35mm slides or 126 slides in 2x2 slide mounts and 35mm B&W and color negatives. We also scan 120/220 film, stereo slides, 4x5 film and other large formats to digital images.* 


  • 2000 or 4000 ppi optical resolution (lower for large format negatives/slides)
  • 300 or 600 ppi optical resolution for prints
  • Standard and Premium level services
  • Nikon and Epson scanners provide:
    • Digital ICE and iSRD Image Correction and Enhancement
    • Digital ROC brings faded color of old films or slides back to life
    • Digital GEM Grain Equalization & Management
    • Digital DEE Dynamic Exposure Extender
  • Types of scanning
    • 35 mm slide scanning
    • 35 mm negative scanning
    • 126 slide scanning
    • Slides/Negatives/Prints scans saved to DVD
    • Stereo Slides
    • 120/220 and 4x5 film scanning
    • Personalized service
  • Silverfast AI Studio 8 Scanning software for provides some of the following features:
    • Scan Kodachrome without color cast and with dust and scratch remove
    • Multi-Exposure® - Multi-Exposure increases the scanner's dynamic range for more image details Management
    • iSRD® - Dust and scratch removal with infrared technology
    • SRD® - Dust and scratch removal with manual fine adjustment
    • AACO - Enhances shadow details in high contrast images without affecting the overall brightness
    • ACR® - (Adaptive color restoration) - Enhances faded or blurred colors
    • Multi-Sampling - Multi-Sampling reduces the natural noise by multiple scanning

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Customer satisfaction is our goal. Listening to our customers has improved our customer loyalty and created a larger customer base with increased activity. Our customer base consist of families, businesses, medical institutions, non-profit institutions (museums for example) and others.